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Steading Conversions

Build your dream home

Steading conversions are a great way to find your dream home. We have the necessary skills and knowledge to convert almost any steading property into almost any design of your choosing. We will take your requirements into account and also provide our own suggestions to create solutions that are perfect for you.

Our vast wealth of experience means that every last detail of your project will be worked on by one of our highly motivated team with their years of experience. Being a family run business means we always put our clients needs first.

Going with a steading conversion rather than a new build offers the following advantages:

  • Most steadings are heavily built, and built to last. That means that your converted property will be simultaneously modern, steeped in heritage, and as great looking as it is practical.
  • Steading conversions allow you to take an empty building shell and dictate how space should be divided, providing you with a brilliant blank canvas for building upon.
  • Their size and open design makes them great for converting into highly energy-efficient dwellings.
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